About Us

In the center of the city of Patras, the operation of a very special 'dead-end' road offers the most exquisit experience for those who will enter it.

In the heart of the commercial center of the city, at the number 96 of R.Fereou str, parodos Drakopoulou is already very popular among the citizens of Patras.

In the beginning of the previous century, this dead-end road operated as 'horse parking' for the bussinessmen who were moving in the city center for their exchanges. As the years went by, shops that sold constructions' material completed the picture, while during the 60's the installation of the paper industry 'Kayafas' in a 800m building gave live to this little road for more than 30 years.

In 1994, Dimitris Alexiou along with a group of new enterpeneurs in the restaurant bussiness based in the first flour of the 'Kayafas' building the restaurant 'BEER SOCIETY'. In 1996, Dimitris Alexiou on his own takes on the bussiness, with the support of his family and co-workers.

As the years went by the proposal is adjusted to the whole of the building and step by step becomes a part of the everyday life of the citizens of Patras.

By the side of Dimitris Alexiou stands now his daughter Dimitra Alexiou and in the year 2002, Takis Soilemezidis becomes part of the group and starts the development of the other side of the dead-end road, of Drakopoulou str. 'PARODOS ART CAFE' opens in September 2002 and ever since then is stable choice for the people of Patras. It offers high quality services in a well designed place that is 'decorated' by various art exhibitions. In this cafe one can find, appart from tasty coffee, a big variety of drinking chocolate and many flavors of tea. 'PARODOS art cafe' is famous for its personel that always creates a very friendly atmosphere.

The image of our street haw changed within the last year. Society has changed venue and 'PARODOS ART CAFE' has expandec. The new space is a fresh and alive place that everyone can enjoy their coffee and also fresh 'home-made' desserts!At 'PARODOS ART CAFE' one can also find freshly made sandwiches and salads for a light lunch. Finally in the back a quiet space created the ideal atmosphere for business meeting and studying..and since we live in the era of technology we are pleased to inform you that all our spaces are covered by wi-fi!!

Now, the small unknown dead end road that used to be a horse parking has been transformed to a complete suggestion that offers coffee, food, drinks, fun and shopping in the city center for all those who are willing to discover it!